Great Commitment to Environmental Conservation

We are responsible for ensuring that our environmental activity is sustainable and that we use resources sparingly. We are therefore actively committed to the conservation of our environment and use all available opportunities to save even more energy.

Even at the conception stage for the hall section we are currently building, we used the latest technologies – e.g. air heat pumps and LED lighting – to minimise energy consumption as well as emissions. Whether it's highly efficient underfloor heating or a virtually lossless, latest-generation transformer – we use a wide range of potential solutions to protect the environment.

And this is nothing new: thanks to our six-figure investments in 2007, we have saved approx. 60,000 truck-kilometres to date. This was made possible by a brand-new process (at the time) for concentrating materials (cardboard, plastic films, sheets) that could then be transported and recycled in a highly compacted form.

So, as you can see: doing business in an environmentally conscious way does not rule out commercial success – quite the contrary! The companies of the IDEAL-GROUP are an excellent example of this.

One of our systems for material collection and concentration, which has a measurable effect on the IDEAL-GROUP's environmental performance.
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