Temporary Employment Solutions with Proven Specialists from IS IDEAL-SERVICES

As one of the largest employers in the region, we can select reliable employees from a large pool of potential candidates. IS IDEAL-SERVICES is therefore the perfect choice for anyone who needs to quickly top up a team in the field of production, logistics, shipping or quality control.

Temporary employees directly from our production

You will receive highly flexible service, motivated employees and complete teams – whether for a project or for a defined period of time. Training periods are minimal or can be dispensed with altogether. In addition, we guarantee fast, uncomplicated processing. This way, you can quickly get back to concentrating on your day-to-day business and achieve maximum productivity for minimum expenditure.

  • Short-notice requesting of workers
  • Only trained, reliable and motivated workers
  • Practically no training period
  • Employees that also work at the IDEAL-GROUP
  • Always the same workers and teams if desired
  • Uncomplicated, professional processing guaranteed
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